27 September 2013

A Lesson in Economy of Characters

*turns on the lights*

Wow. There is a lot of dust in here. And a half-eaten sandwich? Bologna? I don't even like bologna. Where did this come from.

*tosses sandwich into handy trashcan*

I knew one day this would be useful. It was expensive to install, but it is so worth it. Now where was that on switch. Ah, there.

*flips switch on Blog Vacuum XL3*

I'll let that run a minute before i do anything else.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hello everybody! I see everyone has been waiting a long time. Looks like everyone's here. My mom's in the corner with her puzzle. I see the random fellow i've never met before is still hanging around with his notepad. If you're expecting me to make a grammatical error you can correct, i'm sure you'll find one soon enough, sir. And i think i see the spambots outside the windows, peeking inside for any signs of life. I'm sure they'll join us soon enough.

Well, i'll get right to it.

I've gathered you all here to let you know of a temporary project i'm going to tackle. I've not done anything with this blog in *checks last post* a year and five months! Honestly, i thought it would be longer than that. Since the last time i've written anything here, i've not done much writing at all. It's a shame, i know, which is why i've decided to perform an experiment.

I'm turning 30 tomorrow. Yes, thank you for the applause, Mom. Since 30 is associated with the length of time we call a month, i thought i'd take part in a 30-day challenge starting on my birthday. Every day, i will post something new, something original, something thoughtful or funny to my twitter account, @jargonator.

Little known fact, i've had a twitter account for over three and a half years, maybe even four. Up until now, i've only used it to enter myself into contests or other such shenanigans. For the next 30 days, i'll be using it for a more important task, getting to me think creatively.

Not only will this force me to write something meaningful or witty at least once a day, it's also constraining. With only 140 characters to use, i can't very easily craft a full story or build up the details that so often make something funny. This will be a lesson in economy of characters.

For full disclosure, i must let you know that i've already starting thinking up entries. I figure if Bill Watterson could draw as many Calvin & Hobbes comics in a day as he wanted so build himself some room to work or relax, i can do the same, even if i'm nowhere near same level as Mr. Watterson.

Follow me (@jargonator) if you'd like. I will do my best to make you laugh, or make you think, or at the very least entertain you. You will never see me posting meaningless filler because that's my main complaint with twitter. Who knows, maybe i'll even be able to craft a story Hemingway would be proud of.

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